Equipment, Consumables and Plating Solutions

Part of our Brush Plating Service is also to provide  equipment in form of:

  • Power packs , ranging from 15 amp – 500 amp capacity
  • Pumps – submersible and peristaltic.
  • Anode Handles.
  • Flow systems.
  • and others.

Consumables in form of :

  • Anodes and Anode material.
  • Tapes
  • Cover materials

Solution :

  • Prepatory Solution
  • Bonding Solution
  • Build-up Solution

please refer to SIFCO website for detail information.



We Also Supply by requests.

Power Pack :

  • Classic Power Packa1091

Programmable rectifiers for Selective Plating and Anodizing
·                     100% Constant voltage current regulation
·                     Output ripple<2% at 100% of output current
·                     Forward/Reverse polarity switching
·                     Audible Reverse Alarm
·                     CE compliant
·        Two year manufacturer’s warranty
Portable SIFCO Process® rectifiers for brush plating controlled thicknesses of nickel,
copper, gold, silver, zinc-nickel, cadmium LHE and many other deposits.

SP 150 Power Pack

SP 150 Power Pack


We have sufficient continue stock level to support end users of the Sifco process  for continue operation in our facilities.
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